Passionate Art Director with more than 20 years of creative direction & implementation experience, and 12 years of successfully leading a team of designers, freelancers, and vendors in the art of problem-solving and collaboration. Continuously demonstrate strong leadership skills in a creative, cross- functional, and multidisciplinary environment, providing innovation and solutions for print, digital, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and prototypes.

As an experienced Senior Designer, I bring 20 years of passion for design and working within a small team to achieve goals together. In my most recent role as Art Director for LightStream, a national online consumer lending service, I have had the privilege of being the point person for drafting, designing, strategizing, and executing visual solutions companywide. In this position, I grew from a designer to a manager, and was able to execute visual solutions for all internal and external publications for a wide range of projects, as well significantly innovate and improve project management systems in the process. This opportunity has provided me the necessary experience to know how to effectively lead a team while simultaneously guiding the artistic direction of a project.

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Jackie Lackenbacher