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My role as UI/UX for LightStream was to keep updating our site from a responsive site to a mobile-first, bring the best practices and tools to enhance the site to move the needle and have more customer satisfaction through the easy and fast application.

LightStream® redesigned their homepage, the main focus was to increase visibility with other loan purposes that the online consumer services were offering, plus the idea to show a range of rates that the company offers.

The first phase consisted of placing a new row with the verticals in groups to be able to give the user/customer the ability to find their specific loan in need at the top navigation. This improvement allows the site to increase 43% of the unique visitor to continue the applications.

The second phase was increasing the width to a full display, allow the content to be center and add the rate range. As the lift didn’t mark a difference, the context was more visible. Unfortunately, due to bank regulations, the amount of content in banner increase more than expected.

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